Jon and Rachel Walters Videos

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Jon and Rachel Walters Videos
Jon and Rachel Walters Videos

Beer is tiny little fishing village in Devon England. Pebble beach and surrounded by cliffs with iconic English beach huts. Jon, Rachel and Lucy met up with some friends and had a lazy day.

Rachel and Lucys’ first night back in the uk after 6 months apart – Just back at the hotel and enjoying being together. This video was embedded in the following blog .

Rachel and Lucys’ flight was delayed. This vlog was filmed by Rachel documenting her journey.

Rachel Walters and Lucy make the transatlantic trip to the England once more. While they are were in the air Jon Walters got Lucys room ready she was super excited and loved exploring her room.  

Long distance relationship date night. Once a month or so we shared a date night with our followers.

Most couples have arguments, Jon managed to recored the tail end of a nasty drunken argument. who was in the wrong here? sometimes you just have to agree to disagree.

Question and answers, Jon and Rachel sat down for a q and a with their followers on youtube.

When Jon first met Rachel at Paddington Station he left a bouquet of flowers in the Paddindon bear statue for Rachel to find. Jon kept a few of those flowers and dried them out. Jon surprised Rachel with some resin and together the preserved those drying flowers.

Weston Super Mare is the the best beach but is it is home. Jon takes Rachel and Lucy to the beach to paddle in the tiny waves.

Our Videos from Jon and Rachel 2019

Tlc’s production company filmed our wedding for the show 90day fiancĂ©. but, due to copyright laws we do not have permission to share that footage. The only footage of our actually wedding we own was filmed on a phone. Amazingly this little video is actually a love look behind the scenes of production.

In this video we reviewed our favourite gift the love book, click here to check it out.

Date night, drinking word games. This was so much fun, we laughed so much.

“I can’t tell what it means, when you are you here I am at ease. I dont blame you when you’re gone for the sadness in my song. The weight is mine alone, the shadow is my own, the coast is never clear. If you try to be with me, I will try to get by.”

Fool For Waiting – Dan Mangan

Jon and Rachel Videos from 2018

A compilation of all of Rachels and Lucys’ first trip to the uk, on the last night Jon sings ‘Tennessee Whisky’. Basically 5 of Jon and Rachel Walters Videos rolled in to one.

In the uk you need to give notice to be married. so we had to go to Exeter to give notice and ask permission to get married. It was an adventure.

This video was filmed the day Jon proposed to Rachel at Tintagel castle.

Rachel told Jon her idea of paradise would be ocean and green. Luckily the sun was low in the sky and the sunset was beautiful.

December 21st 2017 we went to Stonehenge for the winter solstice, we were able to walk around the stone and even touch them.

Our first night out on the town together. this was filmed after getting roasted by Jon’s friends jack and turtle. We had such a good night out.

This is not one of Jon and Rachel Walters Videos but it was filmed by TLC. This was our first LDR meeting.

Jon and Rachel’s videos from 2017


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