How did Rachel and Jon Walters Meet?

How did Rachel and Jon Walters Meet? Just two ordinary people started off as strangers. became friends, fell in love, got married and lived happily ever after. This is their exceptional story.

Love at first song

How did Rachel and Jon Meet? In December of 2015, Rachel Bear an American met Jon Walters a Brit online on a singing app. There wasn’t an immediate conversation or getting to know one another. however, there definitely was an immediate attraction between the two of them. For months on end; They sang together, would subtly flirt with each other. While, both thinking there was no way the other would commit themselves to someone almost 5,000 miles away. That being said, they continued to try to date locally and their lives went on as normal.

Check out one of our song that we sang together before we met in person ‘YOUR BEAUTIFUL’

“When love is supposed to find you, it will. The proof is in the pudding.”

Eventually, friendly conversations came about through the messenger in the singing app. Those conversations quickly moved to friendly and flirtatious conversations via Instagram messenger. From there, text turned into voice clips, voice clips turned into video clips and video clips turned into full-on video calls.

Officially A a Long Distance Relationship

September 1st of 2016, both Rachel and Jon found themselves single at the same time, they knew they wanted to commit themselves to each other but Rachel held a life-changing secret that she’d been keeping from Jon for a couple of months. She didn’t want to tell the man she was falling for, afraid that he would run, but he clearly needed to know. She was pregnant. And was prepared to do it alone. When she told Jon the news, he refused to let her face the unknown by herself and accepted her, and the unborn baby, with love and open arms.  They succumbed to the undeniable growing love they had for each other and without knowing how they would make it work, they committed themselves 100% to one another.

And, so began their long-distance relationship (LDR).

People ask “How did Rachel and Jon Walters Meet” not realising we meet up every day online. It wasn’t easy for them to immediately adjust to their 7-hour time difference. WhenRachel woke up. Jon was almost clocking out of his job for lunch. Which is where their daily phone calls mainly took place. When Rachel got to work, Jon was heading home. When Rachel left work, Jon was forcing himself to stay awake at midnight so he could take her call while she drove home. With little to no sleep, Jon would get up in the morning to go to work.

The New Arrival

As if that wasn’t hard enough, Jon wasn’t able to be there to watch pregnancy develop in a person. Rachel would take pictures of the ultrasounds and sound clips of the baby’s heartbeat at appointments. When the video called Rachel would show Jon the growth of her belly. Jon was there throughout the entire pregnancy. Even on the phone, via phone call, while Rachel birth to their little girl, Lucy. April 1st 2017.


Saving up for the official meeting wasn’t easy. Each time they saved, they found themselves back at zero. It became too much to handle over and over again and they consistently felt defeated. They swallowed their pride and created a crowdfunding campaign. To their surprise, their friends and family backed them. With love and support. Jon using the campaign as a sort of savings pot.

When Did Rachel and Jon Walters Meet? Physically

On December 12, 2017, Rachel and Jon finally kissed for the first time, and Jon held Lucy in his arms. Under the Paddington Station clock in London, England Jon said “I’ve never been more sure that you are going to be the last person I kiss, for the first time.” — Jon Walters.

How did Rachel and Jon Walters Meet? in Paddington Station when Lucy was 8 months old

It was tough readjusting to an LDR after finally being able to touch the person you’ve been longing for, for so long. After the pain of being separated again was finally bearable, life got back to their daily routine.

It was hard planning their wedding long distance. Both having jobs on completely different schedules and trying to save money for the wedding was extremely tough. So

Jon decided to rent rooms for income and work on a blog site for other couples in LDR’s as his full-time job. Having made this change he was able to choose to live on Rachels time zone.

After months of saving and non-stop working, they were able to book the wedding venue they chose before they ever met.

Where Did Rachel and Jon Walters Get Married?

On May 26, 2018, Rachel and Lucy returned to England and on May 31, 2018, they had the wedding of their dreams (literally). Where? At BohoCornwall in England, a beautiful eloping wedding venue, ideal wedding package for 2. visit their site to check it out BohoCornwall.

Unfortunately again, they had little time to celebrate before Rachel and Lucy had to fly back home again.

This blog is will be the written record of us closing the distance. Thanks for joining us and we share our Long Distance Relationship!