Frequently Asked Questions

When will you close the distance?

In Oct 2019 we were advised we have an 18 month wait to find out if we need a waiver.  (we will need a waiver) than we will have another 12 / 18 month wait to get a final answer.

Can’t Rachel move to the uk?

No, Rachel is primary parent of her eldest daughter and would never abandon her daughter.  We would never pass on our pain and inconvenience to a child.  

How often do you see each other?

Every 6 months. – Lucy’s gets her own seat which has doubled the price of the flights so we need 6 months to save for the trip 

Does Ella know Jon?

Yes, Jon and Ella have known each other for 3 years. since she was 6 years old. 1/3 of her life. Although they haven’t physically met they are close and adored each other, Every night we all hang out on *on speaker phone*. Both cant wait to finally meet  in the mesh

Do you want a child of your own?

We just want to enjoy the family we have before we consider make it bigger. 

When every moment is precious and we started off losing years as a family. When we are together I think we just want to focus on making memories with Ella and Lucy 

What is your smule user names ?


Do you have a GoFundMe?

Nope, but we have patreon which supplements our income  – helping us spend more time and effort on YouTube, and social media sharing our story

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