Making Long Distance Relationships Work

Making Long Distance Relationships Work is hard. But the advent of the internet has changed a lot of things, including how relationships work.  Before now, a long-distance relationship is hardly considered or practiced.  However, the narrative has changed; long-distance relationships are now prevalent.

As you would expect, this type of relationship sure comes with its challenges.  Due to these challenges, it has become a bit difficult to get the best out of their long-distance relationships. Hence, most people settle for just ‘surviving’ a long-distance relationship, rather than making it flourish and progress.

Among other things, a long-distance thrives primarily on excellent communication, commitment, and determination. But with the two parties several miles away, communicating effectively and staying determined and committed is even more difficult.  However, it is not impossible.   

Talking about communication, partners in an LDR rely on different communication means to stay in touch. The most popular means include emails, social media, phones, and other technology-driven media.  While these are great communication methods, there is a medium that is hardly considered, despite its enormous potential to encourage intimacy.  This medium is letter writing. 

Irrespective of the distance, a carefully handwritten letter is a great way to improve emotional and physical communication when in an LDR.  A handwritten card or letter can conveniently convey your heart-felt thoughts, emotions, and feelings in words to your partner. Such words are usually straight from the heart and will give your partner a greater sense of intimacy compared to a typed email or a phone text message. 

Text messages and emails sure come handy when you only have a few minutes to keep in touch.  However, a handwritten letter is best whenever you have ample time to reach out, or you feel lonely and wish your significant partner is close to you.  What’s more? You can add personal effects to your letters.  Perhaps a photo, a customized small card that smells your cologne, a small lock of hair, or whatever that takes you closer to your partner.

Yes, letters are great, but that is not the only hack to keep your long-distance relationship thriving.  Below are five other hacks to keep your LDR flourishing.  Read on!

1.    Make the rules and stand by them

Like other types of relationship, it is essential to set some ground rules for your LDR.  You and your partner should take time to discuss crucial points in your relationship, like frequency, duration, and methods of communication.  Also, sort out when to visit each other, what to expect, and other aspects of the relationship you both find important. Ensure that you both are clear about the expectations of each person before you leave each other.  Sorting these out in the early stages ensures that they do not become issues in the future. 

2.    Trust and be honest with your partner

You need honesty and trust for Making Long Distance Relationships Work.  You both must have full trust in each other prior before you leave each other, and continue even after you are not together.  Never arrange dates, meetings, or visits you cannot meet up with.  And once you set one, do all you can to honor it.  This shows that you respect your partner and improves the confidence they have in you.  Disappointments, on the other hand, bring hurt, and if it continues, the trust eventually starts depreciating.  

3.    Use technology to your benefit

From long-distance gadgets and relationship books to Teledildonics, Netflix, and Skype, technology has provided multiple resources to make your long-distance relationship work.  And the least you can do is to maximize these to the fullest.  Skype is excellent for video calling. Netflix allows you to have Skype movie dates with your significant other. Relationship guidance books will equip you with all you need to keep the relationship going.  Lastly, several LDR gadgets, like long-distance pillows and bracelets, help quash the distance.   With these, your LDR will thrive and flourish, and more importantly, be fun for both of you. 

4.    Stay confident and positive

You must have gotten some subtle ‘warnings,’ or better put, guidance from friends and family, who believe an LDR is not the best for you at the moment.  You should respect their opinions.  However, they should not supersede your feelings and convictions about your partner.  You both know what is best for your relationship.  

Rather than giving a thought to these external opinions, concentrate more on your relationship. Check on your partners more and visit each other often. The faith of the relationship lies with both of you, so stay confident and positive.

5.    Keep it fun

Let’s be realistic here, both you and your LDR partner will need more than ‘just love’ to make things work.  While ‘just love’ might work for the first few months, the feelings start to fade away with time.  During such moments, it becomes more challenging to start conversations or keep them going.  Everything appears stale, and you struggle to come up with new and exciting things.

This is not the end of the road. Rather, it means you need to get proactive with your LDR.  Introduce fun via every possible means. Play more games with your partner, go on more dates, and to make things spicier, try some exciting acts of seduction.  It doesn’t have to be about discussions alone; other things can make your time with your partner fun and exciting.  Check our date night/ drinking games .

Making Long Distance Relationships Work

There is no doubt about the importance of commitment and determination when it comes to Making Long Distance Relationships Work.  However, it doesn’t end there. You need to bring your imagination game to develop and nurture the relationship.  It is not going to be a smooth ride, not for the first few months.  But with consistency and determination to make it thrive, you will be surprised at how far you can go in an LDR with your partner. 

Remember, distance is never a barrier to true love.  Good luck! Please check out LDR shop and our featured couples

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  1. I’m in a long distance relationship. I have loved the level of communication that it brings. It forces a level of mental and emotional intimacy that the physicality of in person relationships dilutes.

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