Long Distance Relationship Meeting

When you’re in an LDR, it’s essential that you plan to meet up. Whether you can get together in a week, month, or a year from now, setting a date is a priority. Travelling the distance can be expensive. But, don’t panic! There are several tips and tricks to keep your costs low during your long distance relationship meeting. If you love to travel, holidaying with your partner is going to be the ultimate adventure! So how can you make the most of your time together without overspending?


Whether you’re travelling by train, plane, or boat to reach your significant other, finding the best deals out there makes planning a little bit easier. First things first – where are you going? Are you visiting their home? Or are you both going to meet up elsewhere for a holiday?

Air travel websites, like Kiwi.com and Sky Scanner, are fantastic tools to compare times, prices, and airlines when travelling. You can even look to the future and find out how much flights will be and when the cheapest dates to travel are.

Don’t forget to check out rail booking sites too; if you buy in advance you can find great deals on reduced tickets!

transport for long distance relationship meeting


The next step is to book accommodation. There are two points to look out for when searching for a hostel, hotel, or aparthotel

  • Check whether you can cancel free of charge.
  • Check if you can pay upon arrival.

These aren’t essential, but in an LDR you never know what could happen. Booking somewhere to stay that offers free cancellation can make all the difference. Paying when you arrive makes it easier to split the cost between you on the day.

Booking websites, like Booking.com and Trivago, make it easy to look for all types of accommodation. Hotels.com also offers secret prices. These are advertised to save you up to 50%, but in reality I found these discounts to be more in the 5 to 10% range

Why not check out Airbnb too. If you prefer to have an entire place to yourself without breaking the bank. Booking a room or apartment can help to save on food and drink costs as some Airbnb’s will have a kitchen. Breakfast in bed anyone? I’ve used Airbnb for years if you sign up with my referral link you can get a discount on your first trip.

Plan your long distance relationship meeting

Not only can planning your trip be a fun date night activity, but it can also help you save money and make the most of your time together. Create a joint board on Pinterest to start mapping out the restaurants, bars and attractions that you don’t want to miss.

Check out Trip Savvy too for finding out about getting around different cities, what you should know before going away, the local language, and more!

If you’re visiting the other’s home, why not leave the planning to them and be spontaneous and let your significant other take you on a tour?

4 Replies to “Long Distance Relationship Meeting”

  1. I learned that the day of the week you book a flight matters for sometimes major price differences. I tried to book on a friday but had to delay so I could get my passports out of my safety deposit box at the bank. So, I booked the following monday and got much cheaper tickets. In fact… they were so much cheaper we splurged for first class. That was 4 years ago today!!!

  2. How do you truly know the other person is being sincere after 11 months and 3 disappointments….. Am I just an idiot at this point and just need to give up an except the disappointment!!!!!!!

    1. You mean you’ve nearly had 3 meet up but they didn’t happen? Well, me and Rachel has 2 failed attempts. The first was when my visa was denied and the second was when Rachels flight wouldn’t allow her to have a baby ‘ Rachel originally planned to travel without Lucy but couldn’t get any one to look after her’ so we lost that flight too . Not once did either think it was a cope out. There as flakey people all over and with tinder or someone local when someone but with meeting someone far away it’s takes a lot more effort. Not ever person you meet, online will be the one- honestly asking someone spend hundreds of dollars or travel thousands of miles is a pretty good filter. Ask to split the cost of the travel Make sure the other person is either prepared to put in some dollars. You deserve someone who’s willing to move mountains and make you a priority . It took us 15 months to finally meet. I don’t what time you call each other , but ask for one special call. One 30 min call which he never misses the day is 24 hour long if he can’t carve out a slither of life just for you , he’s probably not the one. If he agrees and never misses a phone call it’s probably sincere . Rachel ask that of me when I was busy with a new job. And at 1pm / 6 am her time we have our morning calls. If you want to know if he’s sincere- Ask him for 30mins no matter what. I hope this is helpful . Sorry about the typing and spelling . It’s 5:36 am and and Rachel is sleeping on phone . I need to sleep too.

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