Rachel Jon Walters Update May 2019

Rachel Jon Walters Update May 2019 – just in time for their wedding anniversary.

Rachel and Lucy arrived in the UK 16 hours after expected. Nevertheless, they had big smiles.

Rachel Jon Walters Update 2019 – meeting

I missed Rachel so much. To hold and kiss my wife after 165 long days was like coming home after a really shitty day and your mood changes the moment you step through the door. Instantly we were both in a state of flow.

The hotel I booked was right next to the airport. Within 30 minutes we were back at the hotel room. Rachel showered and I ordered some food from room-service.

Father’s Day, the night before our wedding anniversary

It wasn’t Father’s Day for a few weeks. Rachel want me to have it with Lucy so surprised me with a bag of stuff. “Happy Fathers Day!”. we started to reveal the Father’s Day gifts together.

Even though I was so happy that I had Rachel and Lucy here with me, something was missing. Ella’s absence was a dull ache which started here and remained for the whole week. We are a family of a 4. Rachel handed me a bag of goodies.

Lucy and I looked into a bag and we were actually both excited. I could see some art and a couple of flat boxes. Lucy pulled out some art with text. It read ” Happy Fathers Day Jon – love from Ella”. It was a drawing.. Rachel, Ella, Lucy and me, together in one colourful drawing of a family.

Rachel Jon Walters Update 2019- Fathers Day

I love daddy. Lucy made picture at daycare for Jon Walters Rachel, Jon Lucy Reunited After 6 Months Apart

We proceed to grab another gift from the goody bag. We pulled out a purple card with some photos of me and Lucy. Lucy pointed at us and told me it was purple. Rachel told me daycare made that for me early along. There was with another piece of art, which Rachel made with Lucy, saying “I <3 Daddy”, but it was Lucy’s footprints which made the heart. I opened a flat box to reveal coins in a padded display case from loads of different countries and the word ‘Father’ written in lots of different language relating to the country of the coins and a lovely wonder passage.

There was a whole bundle of little bits, from photos to glitter art. After thanking Lucy and Rachel I proceeded to decorate the hotel room, proud and thankful for my Father’s Day gifts.

My wife, Rachel, is the most wonderful person and wife to think ahead and plan an early Father’s Day, knowing just how much it would mean to me.

Rachel, Jon and Lucy Reunited Just in Time for Bed

Lucy was soon asleep and Rachel was quick to follow. 168 hours is all we would have together. I remember laying there with Rachel’s head on my chest and I could hear Lucy’s tiny little snores and I did not want to fall asleep. However, it wasn’t long before I too was fast asleep.

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Waking up felt like Christmas. I woke up excited and my first thoughts were of Rachel and Lucy. Rachel was not in bed with me and for the briefest moment I was disorientated and I thought I had dreamt their arrival.

Rachel came out from the bathroom and I let out a huge sigh of relief knowing it wasn’t a dream.

Good Morning

Rachel climbed on to the bed she said “Good morning”, kissed me and nestled in to my arms. Our breaths became synchronised. Then I wonder how this moment could be any more perfect and just right at that moment as Lucy started to stir.

I sprang into Dad mode as Lucy murmured, peering from the crib, and said “Daddy”. My heart melted. Lucy raised her arms and I took her out of the crib. She said “Mommy, Daddy!” to show Rachel that I was there and I completely melted.

After a long lazy morning we would make our way back to Weston Super Mare.

I hope you enjoyed this “Rachel, Jon and Lucy Reunited” blog. Click here to read OUR STORY from the beginning.

16 Replies to “Rachel Jon Walters Update May 2019”

  1. You three, literally make my heart melt! I don’t normally follow many “reality tv” couples that closely. But, watching you all and being invited into your fairytale has brought so much joy. You are such a strong family and I truly love your message of faith, hope, and perseverance.
    I love you guys!!!
    Carol Pinnock

  2. ❤❤ Write a book!! You write very well and with great description and emotion!
    Reading your guys stuff always brings back wonderful memories for me too.

      1. We will be in your neck of the woods in about 5 days. About an hour from you, across the Welsh border. Probably drive right by your house at some point. Hoping to see Cornwall before school starts. 😉

  3. What a lovely family, I so hope you’re all able to be together on a permanent basis, soon! It’s not right, that things are so difficult and…well, just difficult for all of you- hang in there, Walters family!

  4. I have followed your previous family from the beginning and you are a
    perfect example of true love! ❤ I look forward to reading more and more. God Bless!

  5. What a beautiful family! My husband and I fell in love with your story! I’m so glad y’all have made it! Your love is very inspiring ! We pray Nothing but the best for your family!

    1. Thank you so much Stancey, we wanted to show that we choose love over convenience – what not settling looks likes – what a child or children not being baggage looks like, and what not redemption looks like. We are real people and knew that lost of people could relate from the criminal record past to a blended family to our money struggles.. we thought that sharing our story would inspire other to believe they are not the sum of their circumstances. we are still on that journey of creating the life we want and if people can see where we were and where we are going , and see a little bit of themselves in us they might be braver and fight for what they want. … that you so much for checking out our blog site.. kind regards Jon

  6. You two are such a lovely couple your story is beautiful but sad as well. I hope things work out soon. Wishing you al the best!

  7. I saw you story today for the first time! Do you all have a go fund me page? This! You guys! TLC let’s get this moving. ❤️

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