What Matters Most In A Long Distance Relationship?

Let’s be real; LDRs can be hard-work but they can be rewarding too. Balance is key. Texts and pictures are lovely, but nothing can compare to a phone call. Whether you use an old rotary phone, the landline or your mobile, communicating using your voice continues to remain an integral part of day to day life especially when navigating distance. Believe me when I tell you that What Matters Most In A Long Distance Relationship is phone calls.

Sometimes we can become reliant on sending a quick text and some emojis; but if you want to show love for your other half, you need to set aside the time to talk properly.

Show your love

A phone call shows trust and commitment. It’s as simple as that. A lack of time for eachotherr, might show a lack of interest and desire which can be a major red flag for most couples, distance or not. This behaviour reflects your importance to the other person. If you’re in an LDR, it’s best to be on the same page. Phone calls show that you care and want to put time aside for them – it shouldn’t feel like a chore.

What Matters Most In A Long Distance Relationship?

On average, couples in an LDR, on average, call every three days. Life can be busy enough without trying to manage different time zones, but it shouldn’t be impossible.

Navigating time zones

If you haven’t already, figure out a time that works for both of you. This might mean that one of you is only just waking up while the other is falling asleep, but if it works, then hit the call button!

If you can’t pick up, perhaps you’re not feeling well, have a last minute work meeting, or your phone isn’t cooperating; let your partner know what the problem is and make plans to reschedule the call whenever you can.

Last minute plans will mean that you can get left on ‘read’. Don’t overthink this; it’s completely normal as not everyone can respond when you want them to. If you have had an argument, not replying to messages can be unfair but it’s not the end of the world. If you need to, just let them know you need some space.


Time zones and different schedules can make phone calls difficult to arrange so why not fit them in while you’re getting other stuff done. Make housework fun; stuck doing the ironing? It’s time to get talking with your sweetheart. Or what about when you’re cooking? Why not make it a dinner date.

We get it, we’ve been where you are and understand the struggles of communication. It isn’t easy thanks to sudden low phone batteries, and last minute plans, but if you’re serious about one another, show it!

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  1. I think your lucky to have the internet and mobile phones to keep your relationship alive. My LDR began 32 years ago well before mobile phones and internet. Flying was expensive and very few direct flights from Scotland to anywhere. I still have every letter he sent me and he still has the ones I sent him. Those letters tell the story of our early life and are very sentimental. Emails and text are not quite the same. 32 years later we’re still married with 3 adult daughters, 2 dogs and are still very much in love xx Good luck x

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