The absolute best gift you could get for someone you love, in our opinion is a LoveBook. It’s customizable and completely bespoke. Making it perfect for anyone you love. Regardless of whether the recipient is your;

  • Husband
  • Wife,
  • Boyfriend
  • Girlfriend
  • Kids
  • Grandkids
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Grandparents
  • Best-friend
  • Godchild/parent

We are confident that they would cherish a LoveBook from you for years and years.

What’s a LoveBook?

The LoveBook comes as standard in either hardback or a paperback, but unlike another any book, your loved one has received, their LoveBook is a book of your creation. LoveBooks are typically ‘your story’ about your relationships with recipient but can be about anything you want.

Below are the Jon and Rachel Walters avatars from our very first LoveBook

The best gift you could get for someone you love
Jon and Rachel Walters’ ‘lovebook..

We think that this is the absolute best gift you could give for someone you love, for these reasons:

  • Gifts which are made are simply better
  • A physical book is something tangible to hold
  • You design the book in cyber space and a physical product arrives directly to your loved one’s door
  • Your story about your relationship is precious
  • It can be kept forever

Example from our LoveBook

How we found the absolute best gift you could get for someone you love

Jon discovered ‘LoveBook’ in 2017, online, after reading a blog similar to this. Jon saw the possibilities instantly and knew that a physical book that would tell their LDR story would be priceless and treasured by them both for the rest of their lives.

Click HERE to start building you first LoveBook

Say I Love You Gifts

How easy is it to make a LoveBook?

Editing the LoveBook is easy you will find it user friendly. Creating your avatar is as simple as selecting the features which best suits your appearance.

When you come to making the pages you simply drag, drop, move, and resize items. Adjust your avatars body and all in any speech bubbles or captions. LoveBook is design specifically for people who have never done any sort of graphic design before, so don’t worry.

No Matter The Distance ‘Love Book’ is the perfect gift for your LDR story


The first book we actually made was based on Rachel’s first visit to the UK. The second book continues and ends at our wedding. Jon created the first two books which documented the milestones of the long distance relationship, We both absolutely loved them and are currently working on a third.

The novelty won’t fade

We love our LoveBook and decided that we shall get a new LoveBook every year from now on. Imagine in 20 or 30 years we would have a huge collection which we can read to our grandkids. We imagine a future where our grandkids know our story and understand how we became a family.

Here is the Vlog review we made for you

Youtube Vlog Product of LoveBook by Jon and Rachel Walters

Hopefully we have opened your eyes to endless possibilities of LoveBook

We hope you liked our video review and that we have inspired you to check out LoveBook.

Click here to Create Your Own Personal Love Story.

Let us know if you’re going to dive in and create one for someone you love or if you already have one, We would love to hear what you think in the comment section below.

Here is our contact page – if you’re in an LDR or have closed the distance and want to join us on a 4way call and be our featured couple to tell your story. please drop us a line.

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One thought on “The absolute best gift you could get for someone you love”

  1. I bought a LoveBook! It was fun to create our avatars. I wrote my final paragraph before picking out the pages. I was amazed, when the book came together, how well they fit together. I haven’t given it to my husband yet (saving it for our Anniversary), but I loved it and so did my sister. I used your link when from when Jon recommended it. Thanks for the recommendation and review!!

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