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I’ve always said that I would have never understood a long-distance relationship (or more so, an international relationship!). how it worked, or how people could possibly fall for one another over the phone if I hadn’t found myself in this same situation. Long-Distance Relationship Support was vital for us at the beginning of our relationship #ldrcommunity.

Having experienced this, and have married a man I’ve only visited twice, I can now see exactly how it all works. I know firsthand what it’s like to fall in love with someone’s laugh, someone’s voice, and someone’s soul. And what better way to build a truly solid foundation, than to fall in love with someone for who they are, without the distraction of physical contact?

If you are or have ever been, in a long-distance relationship then you probably already know the criticism that comes along with it. The judgment, the sideways glances. the whispers and the utter confusion as to how you could possibly fall in love with someone that you’ve never physically touched. It hurts, even more, when these reactions are coming from the ones closest to you, like family or friends. Although they probably mean no harm in their opinions, and they’re probably genuinely concerned for you (or your heart), it doesn’t make it easy to open up and talk to anyone who simply won’t understand.

NO Long-Distance Relationship Support From Family and Friends

One of the things I’ve heard from others in LDR’s, is how intimidating and convincing family and friends’ opinions can be. then how easily they can make you feel as if what you’re feeling isn’t real, or as if you must be absolutely insane.

Truthfully, if you hear it enough, you just might start to believe it. And on top of that pressure, it’s sometimes the words of those closest to you, that can make you second guess yourself even when you were once so sure.

As long as no one’s physical safety is in danger, I always say to not let their family or friends’ misunderstanding of an LDR stop you from possibly having your happily ever after. You’re the one in this relationship, after all, and nobody could possibly tell you what you’re feeling is wrong. Always remember that this is your life, and you are in control of it.

However, LDR’s aren’t the easiest types of relationships. It can get extremely hard for a lot of people and without support from those surrounding you, you can start to feel hopeless and completely alone.

Jon and I creating a joint LDR page on social media and we looked for other LDR couples online. And to our surprise, there are thousands upon thousands! We found this extremely refreshing it was so great to see so many others in the same situation.

There are forums, group pages, or other joint pages, like ours. You can get the support from other LDR couples, #ldrcommunity

Long-Distance Relationship Support

Social Media And Community

Instagram It allows you to follow, and be followed.

You can share photos from your LDR just Search for “long-distance relationships or LDR ”. Keep up with other LDR stories, successes and follow as they closed the distance. It can be a very empowering way to help you cope with your own LDR.


www.Facebook.com is the number one social media website. It’s very easy to find groups. There are several for the picking, just chose which one suits you the best!

www.dailystrength.org –


dailystrength is an online support site dedicated to helping people with many issues they may be experiencing in life. For example, PTSD, breakups and divorces, depression, anxiety and yes, long distance relationships!(See? LDR’s aren’t as uncommon as some may think!)


Tumblr is a social networking site. It allows users to create their own personal blog. you can add pictures, videos, music links etc. It’s best described as a mix between Facebook, Instagram, and a blog site. I’ve found several LDR blogs here where people can post “notes” and interact with one another.

LDR’s really can work check out our featured couples videos. Long-Distance Relationship Support #ldrcommunity.

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  1. Everything that you said hits the nail on the head. I always get told, “you are living in a fantasy” or “you dont really know him.” I’ve been in a LDR for over 2 years and the sad part is I dont know when we will ever close the distance. Kids are involved and its stopping either one of us from moving. All I know is he is what I want out of a guy and I know we would be so happy together. How do you walk away from that? So for now its texting, facetime, staying up way to late to make sure he gets home from work, and packages in the mail. We see each other once a month. Live for those moments. I loved you and Jon’s story. I wish you guys the best and will continue to follow you story 😊

    Stefanie Compton

  2. When I started online dating my ex husband, it was before online dating was even a thing. It was 1998, I was 18, and we lied and told people we met at a baseball game in my hometown of Pittsburgh (he was from Canada, Toronto).

    We weren’t ashamed of how we met, but we knew back then that people weren’t ready for the truth yet.

    I’m glad the days of hiding are over. You’re story is beautiful and should be told! As for me, he and I didn’t work out. But I did fall in love back then… with his country. I stayed in Canada and I’m now married to my best friend and, even though I was told for over 16 years that I couldn’t have kids, we are currently enjoying our 3 year old miracle son, whom we’ve named Gotham, because we’re geeks.

    Cheers to you Jon and Rachel!

  3. My boyfriend and I were long distance for over a year. He had people saying it’s not going to work. I had people telling me he was cheating. I took my first my first road trip to see him and it was like love at first sight. I even took my first plane ride out there he did road trips and planes. After over a year he moved out here and we have been together for 3 1/2 years now staying strong. 3 months ago he was in an accident where I almost lost him and my whole life crumbled. People thought I was going to break up with him because he is paralyzed now or run off with the money raised for him. I haven’t left his side from the hospital in 3 months and we will be getting married when he’s out. LDR do work and in the end all the hard work patience the money spent is all worth it. I wouldn’t change it for the world. Never listen to negative. And always have patience with one another and never give up. There will be missing them, lots of tears, fight but what I’ve learned from mine then and now is being strong for them and most important yourself. Always believe in that fairytale follow your heart and just know dreams do come true

  4. Yes, LDRs are very challenging. Yes, I heard all the naysayers, but I agree with Rachael that the long distance relationship encourages communication and cooperation on a whole different level. I knew so much more about him than I did about any of my “normal” relationships (shall we call them SDRs? 😂), because, again as Rachael says, physical contact didn’t distract from our conversations.
    I think the hardest thing we dealt with was my husband’s decision to come to America to be with me even though his children were staying behind with their mother. But, again, from his background this was “OK” because they needed their mother more.
    This killed him and each time we visit he cries his eyes out when we say goodbye to his boys. I have always felt guilty for “stealing” him from them, but he reassures me and says it was HIS decision. He has taken grief and rude comments from people that don’t get it. He did what he thought was for the best overall. I would have gone there, but because of all the requirements etc… it wasn’t feasible then. Now, 6 years later we are making the switch and we are going back to his homeland. I’m excited that we can now all be a family!!
    LDRs are hard! You have to be more understanding and think outside the box with less preconceived misconceptions. It’s a learning and growing experience and wonderful!!

  5. LDR’s can be the most difficult, and most rewarding things at one time. When I met my love back in 2004 he was attending college. I was working in a hospital billing office. We didn’t have the other side if the world, it the country separating us, but he was still 3 hours away in another state. Lots of phone calls, emails, texts. Our first meeting for my birthday 2005, engagement in 2008. Moving to our new home in Maryland to be with him in 2014, pregnancy and miscarriage at 17 weeks of our only child in 2015. Things took an even sadder turn on the 23rd of August of this year. The love of my life passed away after surgical complications. My only solace is he is now with our son. I now find myself back in Pennsylvania where my LDR journey first started.

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