Celebrating Birthdays Long-Distance

It’s Jon’s birthdays on November 4th. This is for anyone whos away from the person they love on their birthday and they are asking how to Celebrating Birthdays Long-Distance.

Birthdays are one of the most important events in a relationship. We all know people who “don’t want a huge fuss” and “don’t want you spending money on them”, and that’s up to them. It doesn’t change the fact that birthdays are the one day every year where you can show someone how much they’re appreciated, and boy does it make people feel good!

But, in an LDR, when the person you love most is far away, showing them how much they mean to you becomes so much harder and a lot more disheartening. If this is the case, you need to stay strong. You may not be able to be physically close to the person you love on their birthday, but you can still be emotionally intimate. You can make them feel special, and make sure they have a fantastic day.


In the movies, if someone was separated from their one and only on their birthday, they would book a flight because, hey, why not! They would turn up at the workplace of their SO, who had absolutely NO IDEA they were coming, even though they had been talking about not wanting to be apart for the whole film. Then they would start kissing in front of all the other uncomfortable office workers while a cheesy crescendo plays in the background.

It sounds nice, but in reality, all this is expensive. Not everyone has the money to book flights across oceans on a whim, or even buy train tickets across the country. But, don’t let this stop you Celebrating Birthdays Long-Distance.

What Else Can You Do To Celebrating Birthdays Long-Distance

The key to giving your partner a great birthday when you’re apart is making it feel like you’re there. We’re not talking about a life-size cardboard cutout. We mean you should insert the spirit of your relationship into your gifts.

Sending a card is something that everyone does on birthdays. But you should make it better. Fill it with inside jokes, heartfelt paragraphs, make them laugh – go crazy. You might not be there, but your personality sure is, and that’s what your partner loves about you.

If you’re going to give a gift, why not make it yourself. It’s not about giving the most expensive or fanciest gift to show your partner you appreciate them. Merely showing that you have put thought and effort into doing something beautiful for them. It will make their birthday that bit more special. It shows you’ve been thinking about them, that you remember what they like, and you care about them.

Celebrating Birthdays Long-Distance

Getting Help

With technology, things get even more exciting. Apps like Helpfulpeeps allow you to get people all over to do simple tasks for you, for a small fee. This means you can plan, and execute even the most extravagant event for your significant other from home. You could also get in contact with your partner’s friends or family to give a helping hand where they are. You can throw them a party or even plan a Facetime date night where you go on the same date in different locations.

Make your gifts and activities as crazy and fun as you want. We’re sure your significant other will love them, but it’s also important to end on a serious note. After all the jokes, the laughter, and the fun.

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20 Replies to “Celebrating Birthdays Long-Distance”

  1. Rachael.. You’re so very strong or at least you appear to be. I know you’ll make Jon’s day the best you can.
    I’m Punkinutters from IG 😊

  2. Happy Birthday Jon🎈Rachel I cannot wait for you guys to finally be together and can’t wait to see the day it finally happens and it’s FOREVER! Love to you both from such a BIG Fan!!! Jeanne

  3. In my ldr the last birthday we spent apart I decided to sent my now husband a series of postal cards, not only from me, but from my family and some friends he had already virtually met for a while. Every day I would post 2 of the cards, that way, for about a week he received birthday wishes from people he knew in the other part of the world.
    He kept all the cards. ❤️

  4. Rachel, you write so beautifully. You could definitely write a book about your love story. I would buy it!! 🙂 Happy Birthday Jon!!!

  5. Happy Birthday to Jon!
    Rachael and Jon, my heart is with you both. I remember the wait and ache of my heart while I did so. However, getting that long distance Great Britian stamped card from my sweetie was extra special and exciting. To be honest, in a world of electronics, getting that paper product was awesome!!
    We also sent care packages on special occasions. It was pricey too, but much less than a plane ticket! 😁

  6. Happy Birthday Jon! Thank you both for sharing your story it is a breath of sunshine in this world to read about love and not hate. God Bless you both.

  7. Hey you two,
    Is there light at the end of the tunnel for the two of you to live under the same roof? Are you planning on waiting till Rachel’s daughter turns 18? And Jon, do you have an AMAZING single friend? 😉

  8. Wishing you a absofuckinglutely awesome Birthday Jon. I think you both are truly meant for one another. The minute I saw you at Paddington Station with the baby waiting for Jon & Jon arriving a bit late & you both embraced & him checking out Lil Lucy I could feel the Love & passion just oozing. I am 70,I live alone with my tuxedo cat Kozmo Kramer, have had many steamy LDR’s as well as marriages & Loves & can resonate. Love you both. I hope you are together forever very soon.

  9. Happy Birthday Jon. I sure hope and pray that you and Rachel get to be together soon. Any new updates on the visa after the GoFundMe

  10. Happy Birthday Jon!!!! Rachel and Jon y’all are the BEST and make A BEAUTIFUL couple I hope and pray everyday that you two can be together very soon and we can’t forget about the little one too LUCY

  11. Happy birthday Jon 🎉
    I’m in a LDR with my fiancé. He lives in Tunisia while I’m from the UK. I’ve been out there to see him three times since we met, he proposed the second time, and then the last time I went, I just missed him too much so I booked the flights and went to spend another week with him.
    I turn 30 in 2 weeks, and I’m dreading it. Not the aging bit, just having to do it alone. I thought he’d be here for it, this day that everyone makes a huge deal out of and we’d be together for it. But we won’t be, and I can already hear people asking where he is, why is he not here yet, what did he do for my birthday. In all honesty I don’t think he thinks it’s a big deal. And it’s not, but at the same time it is. It’s a milestone that I thought would be spent together. I don’t think I’ll even get a card. I’m going to turn 30 in two weeks and I’m going to be utterly disappointed.

  12. I made my man 365 paper origami cranes one for everyday until iOS next birthday….and sent them to him. Each one had a quote or memory written inside, it cost nothing to make. Only time effort and love … he would open one every morning with his coffee before work.

    It figures Jon was born on mischievous night!! That was funny

  13. Happy belated birthday, Jon. Fireworks for Guy Fawkes too!! Rach, you have a very special gift with words and writings. You two are blessed to of found each other. Keep the love alive! I pray it won’t be long and you’ll all be together in America! ! All the best. X lynne in SW Florida

  14. Happy belated Birthday Jon. I hope it was a memorable day for you. Live your’s and Rachels story! Best wishes for the two of you!💕

  15. Jon and Rachel are a rare love. A love you don’t find very often. When I first saw the show and Rachel was in the train station waiting for her first time to see Jon, I knew when they saw each other, the look in their eyes, the chemistry that came right through the tv and then the first kiss. It was REAL, it was beautiful and then Jon said “can you introduce me to Lucy”. How precious was that? I got so invested in this couple I wanted them to be able to be together. Rachel is a breath of fresh air whenever I get a chance to message with her. Jon is very passionate about his family and he will make a wonderful addition to the USA 🇺🇸! I can’t wait for this day to happen! It will happen and the Walters will be on happy family!
    Love 💕 to Jon, Rachel, Ella and Lucy!

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